Hanley Residence, Donnington Road, Saanich LeFrank Residence Allaire-Armstrong Residence Fitzgerald-Noseworthy Residence Alexander-Green Residence Roberts Thompson Residence Ferg-Ferguson Residence Hanley Residence, Benvenuto Drive, Brentwood Bay Puetter Residence Boyes-Bower Residence



Hanley Residence
Benvenuto Drive, Brentwood Bay
New home and garden set on steeply sloped site created opportunity for walled living room courtyard enhanced by large stone columns framing an eye catching fireplace. Access to garden areas are framed by masonry staircase, curving pergola and woodland stairs.

Allaire-Armstrong Residence
Uplands Road, Oak Bay
French country home with formal gardens including a pergola walk, tiered fountain and gorgeous garden house set amongst a Garry Oak woodland. Extensive stone work on walls, planters and fence columns. Stone slab paving includes leaf fossils giving this home and garden a mature aesthetic.

Fitzgerald-Noseworthy Residence
All Bay Road, Sidney
Renovation and addition of garage created opportunity to resurface driveway and create a wind protected terrace with arbour built from wood & stone covering a dining area.
Staggered stone & metal fence combined with planting creates privacy layers. The garage roof visible from master bedroom is covered in green roof plantings.

Puetter Residence
Tryon Road, North Saanich
In conjunction with Siliva Bonet Architect, a large covered dining outdoor room provides warm refuge on a windy waterfront property.

LeFrank Residence
Beaver Lake Road, Saanich
A rural garden with an urban touch. The secret garden located behind the gate is nestled between the studio and house and provides an oasis of calm. Large windows look into this landscape and strengthen the indoor / outdoor connection that many gardens strive for.

Hanley Residence
Donnington Road, Saanich
Flowing contoured garden with flagstone patios, wood arbours, an enclosed kitchen garden & water features. There was a significant amount of excavated soil moved around in the back garden to create gentle hills in order to transition from the house to the forested backdrop of vertical parkland.

Alexander–Green Residence
Lockehaven Drive, Cadboro Bay
Strong connection between architectural and landscape elements on this waterfront property for clients with a passion for tropical environments. Incorporating large rock and beach logs with robust plantings anchor the stunning home to the land.

Hart Residence
Ardmore Drive, North Saanich
Award winning garden renovation within an arbutus coastal forest features curving walls to lead visitors to the discreet front entrance.

Ferg-Ferguson Residence
Skylark Place, Saanich
A under-used back yard that was overrun by deer, is transformed into a modern urban oasis much loved by the family including a happy dog.

Roberts Thompson Residence
Texada Terrace, North Saanich
Enclosing and protecting the back garden from deer created opportunity to add European influence with stone terrace and espaliered fruit trees in decorative pots.

Boyes-Bower Residence
Extensive existing garden and home renovation with drainage and stormwater enhancements including channeling site runoff into rain gardens & upgrading existing water features. Future work: creation of large two level terrace with fireplace, hot tub and outdoor dining room.