North Saanich Middle School University of Victoria, Child Care Complex Victoria West Elementary School,Rain Garden

University of Victoria | Child Care Complex - Playground Upgrades

Three day care centre playgrounds were significantly upgraded to create play opportunities that challenge, teach and engage the children in a safe environment. Each playground caters to a specific age group from 18 month to 5 year olds. Natural elements such as driftwood logs, boulders, water and plants are combined in innovative ways to reinforce appreciation for the natural environment. Roof water is channeled down rain chains into a garden stream.

North Saanich Middle School
This new school is designed to be LEED gold (final certification is still in the works). Two playing fields, one new and one renovated, provide for a wide range of sport opportunities with infrastructure provided for soccer and baseball. Play opportunities have been created including the always popular swing set and a very popular climbing net. All surface water from parking lots is captured and filtered through bio-swales. Predominantly native and adaptive plant species require 50% less water than traditional plantings.

Victoria West Elementary School | Rain Garden
A hot and bleak concrete courtyard was transformed into a green learning oasis. Roof water is directed to a corner of the courtyard where it splashes over a sculptural element into a meandering rain garden lined with moisture loving native plants. This project was undertaken by a Leadership Victoria team who brought together suppliers, artists and volunteers to work with the school community to envision and construct this outdoor classroom. Each child in the school planted at least one plant in the garden.