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Visual Life Stories

Personal stories are generated from one on one interviews. Combined with images and graphics, these life stories save memories from being lost from future generations. Story themes vary from early days of someone’s life, to special adventures, to career paths, to immigration stories - there are as many themes as there are people telling stories.

These precious life stories are beautiful rendered and become a family or personal treasure.



Typically done in a book, sketchnotes use graphics and words to capture the essence of a live presentation. These are a personal record of an event, a conference proceeding, or a speaker who had something to say worth recording. Various conferences have been recorded with a focus on green building, community planning and calligraphic arts.


Wall Graphics

Large scale graphic recording is usually done live at a meeting or conference. Some of these work examples include meetings working with a facilitator, in a few cases Deborah has worked as both facilitator and recorder. Strategic/planning sessions and conferences are the most common venue for using graphic recording. Custom chart work is done outside the meeting venue and will summarize decisions and direction that group has determined to follow.